Friday, October 29, 2010

Running in Fall

Update on the Marathon

Well, it is fall and running through the park is just beautiful. My 23 mile run is coming up on Sunday, Halloween. It will be the longest mile run that I will do until the 26.2 Marathon run on November 21st.

It has been quite amazing to get to this point. When I feel I can not run another mile, I think about why I am running and it gives me the energy to keep going. Yes, there have been some aches and pains. First, it was actually my toenails. I clipped them down but not before loosing one. It should just grow back. Oh, well. Then, it was my shins. I did some exercises to strengthen them. Now, it is my right hip. I have visited my Chiropractor for an adjustment and confirmation that I had not caused any harm. Epsom salt and white flower analgesic balm have become my best friends.

I am in it to finish it!!! I thank you for your support of my run and your donations to Jayla's and Jonathan's foundations.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creating The Buzz In Business

I presented at the American Bar Association - Women Rainmakers Conference in Washington DC. It was an extraordinary event with women from all across the country attending. What I have found in my business and shared with the participants is the ever expanding extent of our reach. The technological advancements have created opportunities not only in the legal practice but all business arenas. We must find more creative ways to take advantage of the broader opportunities now available to us. You no longer have to think merely locally but nationally and internationally in your practice area.

Think about it! If you blog or tweet, the audience learning about you could be, well, anywhere. By linking in with your colleagues, friends, associates, you connect with others who may need your services or who services you may need. You are merely a click away from what may take your business to the next level. It is time to really learn more about this broader network available to you. And that was what the Women Rainmakers Conference was all about, taking advantage of the mostly FREE technology at our fingertips.

So, yes, if you blog, tweet, linkIn, facebook WISELY, you and your practice/business will reap benefits you could never imagine. So, what are you waiting for?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where Do You Think This Stock Market Is Going?

Marianna Goldenberg of Penn Wealth Planning has answered this question in her weekly commentary which I always find to be informative and insightful. She stated:

"If history is any indication: The fourth quarter of mid-term election years is almost always favorable for stocks. The market’s reaction to mid-term elections, as uncertainty fades, has almost always been positive, with fourth quarter gains as measured by the S&P 500 index averaging 8% in mid-term election years. The only two exceptions to the gains in the fourth quarter of every mid-term election year since 1950 were 1978 and 1994, when the Fed was hiking rates aggressively, a critical factor that is highly unlikely to take place this quarter. So far, stock market performance in 2010 has tracked the typical pattern for U.S. stocks in mid-term election years, albeit with a bit more than the usual volatility."

For those who wanted to know the answer to our question, this explaination might be as good as it gets. Contact us for your estate planning, probate and elder law needs at

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sometimes 2 Heads Are NOT Better than One - The Executors Dilemma

Are you an Executor of an estate? Do you share that role with another person? Well, it can all get so complicated if you do not get advice up front. Here are some tips for you:

1. You can hire and fire the attorney you hire for the estate. Determine what your fee arrangement was and proceed accordingly. Any fees incurred would have to be paid but you do not have to continue with the same attorney.

2. All executors have to agree on the estate attorney. One executor can not make that selection. If Executors can not agree that could result in court action to protect the estate from ineffective executors. An estate can be almost depleted if not totally if internal fights results. If unjustified, executors could be liable for waste.

3. All executors have to act together. Both or how ever many executors there are have to appear to be sworn as executors. Action on the estate can not occur until this is done.

My advice is to think twice before you make more than one person executor of your estate. If you must name more than one then give one power to decide any disagreement. Need more help, contact me at

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chile Celebrates Miners' Rescue

The world was able to watch and cheer the rescue of 33 miners trapped for over 2 months underground after a mine collapsed. The only thing on our minds during the rescue was the hope for the safety of all of the miners. As we clapped with tears swelling in our eyes, we felt connected to the miners' survival.

Then the rescue ends and the families move on to what will be the long healing process. Doctors will be visited, suits will be filed and commitments from politicians and the mining company will be made.

BUT this moment in time will be captured forever in the hearts of so many people. We can not help but be changed by this moment in some way. Will it inspire you to take some personal action that you have been meaning to address for a long time? Access your life and its worth, contact us at Our estate planning process is a life assessment process to benefit you and your family.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Estate Planning Boot Camp

I am a presenter today at the Bucks County Bar Association. The topic is Estate Planning Boot Camp. I will share with attorneys new to the practice some of the basic estate planning documents.

Much of what I share on my blog is helpful to practioners as well as the consumers. I have a passion for this area of the law. As a result, I often speak on the topic before consumers and my estate planning colleagues and other attorneys. I wrote Stop!! What are you waiting for? Your Step By Step Guide to Estate Planning because this is information important to EVERYONE.

Hope you enjoy my blog posts and maybe one day you can make it to one of my many presentations or just contact us at

Monday, October 11, 2010

Who's Talking To The Doctor?

What if your doctor is unable to communicate with you regarding a healthcare matter. You could have had an accident. You could be in surgery and require another procedure.

Your Healthcare Power of Attorney allows you to appoint an individual to make healthcare decisions on your behalf. This agent or personal representative is authorized by you to review your private medical information.

This is the THIRD most important document in your estate plan. Contact our offices at to address your probate, estate planning and elder law needs.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Do You Have the Power!!

Power of Attorney, that is. Yesterday, we discussed the Will as the most important document of your estate plan. Another important document is the Power of Attorney.

The Power of Attorney designates an individual known as your agent to handle critical financial transactions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. This can include powers that range from signing checks for household expenses to arranging the sale of property or other personal or business assets.

If the person you want to name is NOT familiar with your financial transactions, then you need to let them know and provide them with the necessary information. The most important thing about appointing an agent is naming a person you trust. We can create the Power of Attorney for you. Contact us at

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can I Get A Will?

Today, we discuss the most important document in the estate plan. It is the Will.

Your Will provides for the care of minor children by establihsing guardianship. It dictates how you want your remaining assets divided among your heirs. You also name an executor to oversee the distribution of assets and pay any taxes, debts or other obligations that are due.

A simple matter to handle but unfortunately many fail to take that step. Can I Get A Will? Yes, you can!!! Contact our offices today at

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Important Documents In Your Estate Plan

Take advantage of the powerful estate planning tools designed to express your desires clearly. Further, these powerful tools provide guidance to your family and/or representatives during a difficult time when you would be unable to do so yourself.

The tools are your Will, your General Power of Atttorney, your Healthcare Power of Attorney, your Trust and your Living Will. Each one of these powerful tools will be discussed over the next few days. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Protect The Future

Did you know that accourding to a recent survey, nearly 2/3 of Americans do not have a will. This means that a judge and the laws of the state will determine the distribution of their assets and belongings if they should pass away, unexpectedly or not.

Avoiding important estate planning decisions could eventually mean that someone else has to make them for you. The results are often not in the best interest of your family and could event fail to meet their future needs. A thoughtful estate plan takes your priorities into account, protects your heirs, and establishes your legacy.

Contact our offices for all your Probate, Estate Planning and Elder Law needs at

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Issue with Probate

Probate is the means by which state courts validate a will and clear the executor to pay debts and taxes, sell property, distribute funds and perform other tasks necessary to settle an estate. It can be a lengthy and expensive process in many jurisdictions. Probate costs can consume 3 to 7% of an estat's value. It can be even more if there is a dispute that runs up additional legal fees.

You can help make sure your estate avoids many of the pitfalls of probate by planning now for the future distribution of your estate.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Marathon Update - Business of Caring

You have to care about yourself to truly care about others. When you fly, you are advised to place the oxygen mask over your face FIRST and then help others. You cannot help others if you are in need of air to breathe.

I enjoy helping others. My estate planning practice is about helping people. My running the Philadelphia Marathon is about helping others. BUT, it is FIRST about helping me. Because I believe giving has even more rewards then receiving. Some of you may recall me saying that I am not a runner but I am running a Marathon. At first, the training was just dreadful. Just thinking about running mile after mile made me cringe.

I am now looking out the window at the pouring down rain and longing, yes you heard right, longing to be out there running. BUT it is shaping up to be an inside treadmill day because I will run, one way or another. So I am "giving" to Jayla and Jonathan but I am receiving so much more from them and ALL those who support my run. I am still in it!!! Please donate!!