Monday, January 23, 2012

Legendary Coach Joe Paterno Dies at 85

For over  46 years, Joe Paterno served as head coach of Penn State's Nittany Lions.   He won over 409 games and took the Nittany Lions to 37 bowl games and two national championships- earning a spot in the Hall of Fame.  More than 250 of the players he coached went on to the NFL.

What will be the legacy of this man who in the last few months of his life endured bitter scrutiny over a failure to take action that many felt he was compelled to take and did not?  Some still feel that he should and will go down as the greatest football coach in the history of the game.

When it is all said and done, it is our legacy that we leave behind.  Though we do not ultimately write it (some with forethought actually do), our life's work has to speak for itself.  The difference that we make while we live is the purpose that we served.  It should be how any fiinal act in our life is judged.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Legendary Jazz Singer "Etta James" Dies

The legendary jazz and blues singer Etta James dies at 73.  She was a pioneer whose legacy will be remembered as her ever-changing sound has influenced rock and roll, rhythm and blues, pop, soul and jazz.  She was one of the most important female artists of her time. 

We will follow her estate as it is settled between her heirs. For now, we remember her music and her life.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Q and A about POA...

Question: My Dad made me his POA (2008) in 2011 he had a stroke, nursing homes, now he is home.
He has dementia now. Last week had a violent episode with me. He has a heart defibulator and
out of fear he would get sick I asked my sister to come and take him with her. Now she does not
believe he has dementia or I was even attacked and is discouraging him from coming back to his house.
He is left home alone during the day in her 1 bedroom appt while she works and he is diabetic on 2 types of insulin.
I live with him and am also his caregiver but at this point he does not want me to care for him
he believes he can care for himself.
Legally what can I do as his POA to get him back to his home safe environment or to an assisted living facility?
The Power of Attorney does provide you with broad authority to act on your father's behalf. However, he also has the right to revoke the Power of Attorney once given. If he is not in agreement with your actions on his behalf, it could become difficult for you to assist him. 

If you do believe he is incapacitated, you may have to go through the more formal process of Guardianship to accomplish your goals. This would require you to be able to demonstrate to a court that your father can no longer handle his affairs. This will have to be supported by physicians and other experts. You will need an attorney to assist you in this process if you believe your father's incapacity can be documented. 
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Are You Responsible for Your Parent's Debts?

This question is often asked in the nursing home context.  What obligation do children have to their parents when they are in need of continued care but can no longer afford it?

Well, Pennsylvania does have a Filial Support Law where a child may be held  liable for the debts of their parents.   How often it is used is unclear but it is on the law books and available to nursing homes trying to collect unpaid bills.

You  want to encourage your parents, or help them, to apply for medicaid if you anticipate they may not have the funds to continue to pay for their nursing home costs.  Many nursing homes will provide this support but are not all do so and further they may or may not adequately handle it.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Well it is 2012.  Other predictions notwithstanding, what are your desires for the New Year.  I have many and a few I share here with you:

When I open my mouth, I want words that are true, supportive and unhurtful to always come forth.
When I open my mouth, I want wholesome, lifesustaining and health promoting substance to go in.

When I open my eyes, I want to see the brighteness of the day and the good in humankind.
When I open my eyes, I want to take a reflective look at myself to make the change that I want to see.

When I open my heart, I want to love unconditionally.
When I open my heart, I want to be one with the Creator of all things.

I wish you much happiness and peace in the New Year!!