Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jamaica - The Artist and Estate Planning

Estate planning is of particular importance in the Art world.  However, many artist, like most folks, have not attended to getting their affairs in order.  Whether it is visual, musical or other art forms, it is important that the artist protect and preserve his or her intellectual property rights, his or her copyrights or his or her ownership of work produced in a physical form. 

I had a conversation during my recent visit to The National Gallery of Jamaica about Artists and Wills.  The museum has seen first hand what could happen to works on loan when an artist dies without making provisions for his art work.  Money and time can be saved when an artist makes his plans clear by having a Will and keeping it up to date. 

We all have loved ones we want to protect and assets to preserve and pass on.  Contact our offices at http://www.ythlaw.com/ for your estate planning needs.


petchary said...

Dear Yvette: Many of our Jamaican artists - like artists worldwide - are not very "money savvy" but they most of all should be aware of the huge importance of their legacy. Thank you for pointing to this important issue, and thank you for your enjoyment of the richness of Jamaican art!

Yvette E. Taylor-Hachoose said...

It was a great experience to speak with the people of Jamaica on a topic that is so important to so many. To engage in action requires education of the issues. That is what I hoped to have accomplished on my trip.